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12-Aug-2017 09:04

I've tried going to notifications and switching on some of the notification options but I still cannot get it to work. Also, when I got my i Phone 5s last year, I loaded my apps and straight away I started to get notifications on the locked screen. One thing to check would be your mail settings under "mail, calendars and contacts".

For example, 'apps gone free' would say 'your new apps gone free are ready' at about 6 PM every evening and my BBC news app would put messages on the screen and make the BBC news sound when a new piece of news came out, that no longer happens on my i Phone 6, although I believe I still have the same settings as on the i Phone 5s. I believe that is where you will find the "fetch new mail" option, although it may say something else.

Once you've determined the appropriate Fastly hostname for your domain, the next step is to create a CNAME record for your domain.

The steps you follow will vary depending on your DNS provider's control panel interfaces.

Therefore, running a Symfony application is a matter of browsing to the project directory and executing this command: The Symfony Installer checks if your system is ready to run Symfony applications.

However, the PHP configuration for the command console can be different from the PHP web configuration.

However, I am having a problem getting mail to upload when the 'mail' icon is closed.

I am using Outlook on an exchange server and when I had my i Phone 5s, mail would happily update all the time i.e.

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TIP: If you can't find your provider's CNAME configuration instructions, Google maintains instructions for most major providers.

I could hear the harp sound I assigned to mail 'doing its stuff' all the time with the new mail being added and me hearing the change in the number of new e-mails being displayed on the mail icon.